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It wasn't this bad in 2009

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Buffnik, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Buffnik

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    I was thinking about how angry I was that season about how poorly the team performed.

    Just now, I decided to go through that season's games.

    Game 1: Lost 17-23 to CSU
    Game 2: Lost 38-56 at Toledo
    Game 3: Won 24-0 vs Wyoming
    Game 4: Lost 24-35 at West Virginia
    Game 5: Lost 14-38 at #2 Texas (led late and then had a Pick 6 and some special teams issues)
    Game 6: Won 34-30 vs #17 Kansas
    Game 7: Lost 6-20 at Kansas State
    Game 8: Lost 17-36 vs Missouri
    Game 9: Won 35-34 vs Texas A&M
    Game 10: Lost 10-17 at Iowa State
    Game 11: Lost 28-31 at #12 Oklahoma State
    Game 12: Lost 20-28 vs Nebraska

    Final Record: 3-9

    Worst Loss: -24 points on the road at #2 Texas

    Thinking back, I believe I was so angry because I saw a team that could have been really good if it weren't for Collins mishandling the defense, Riddle mishandling the special teams, and Hawkins mishandling personnel (ex., Cody/Tyler, RBs, position groups, etc.).

    It was a very different situation to be mad because we could have been good and weren't getting it done due to some coaching gaffes.

    Now, there isn't even the feeling that we can be good because the coaches don't even put us in the position to compete.

    Today, we lose 31-56 to a team that we beat last year, was only 1 game ahead of us in the conference standings, had the 2nd worst defense in the Pac-12, didn't have its starting QB... and I end up feeling that we did better than expected.

    That's just sad.

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