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Kicker and Punter Recruiting Update

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Recruiting Archive' started by AlferdJasper, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. AlferdJasper

    AlferdJasper Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2008
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    Okay, disclaimer up front: there's no new information here.

    Hawkins said he was thinking of adding another K/P to this class, but so far the only offer has gone out to Legacy's Kip Smith, who rebuffed us (no pun intended, or maybe it was.)

    So out of curiousity, who is still on the board for CU to ponder at this point?
    Here's what is out there:

    Scout's list of top 21 kickers
    Available or at least currently not committed (except #22):
    #8 Bobby Zalud - his only interest is San Diego State
    #9 Nolan Kohorst - doesn't list CU of interest, but he did stop by a practice in summer of 2009.
    #10 Parker Flynn - all three schools he likes (USC, CAL, UCLA) are in state, so unlikely he'll be wooed to Colorado. On the other hand, UCLA and USC have already got kicker and punter commits, so unless he walks-on to CAL or gets an offer late, he may be up for grabs.
    #17 Michael Hunicutt - also leaning toward Texas and Texas A&M. Good luck guys, may the best kicker win. Sailer has Hunicutt in his "top 12" for 2010.
    #18 Ronnie Doherty - I thought we had a chance with this kid, who is a top kicker AND punter, but we are dropping way down on his list. "High Interest" in Houston and Kentucky now. He attended camp at Houston, that's a big deal.
    #21 Nick Diaz from Redondo Beach. His dad wants him to stay in SoCal so they can watch the games.

    committed, but still...
    #22 Justin Castor - a top Colorado kicker, but committed to Kansas. It would be ironic if CU could "steal" a second CO kicker from KU in two years, but no indication that CU has contacted him. Castor and Kip Smith had similar statistics, but CU only offered Smith. Castor attended CU's kicking camp in '09.

    Rivals top 25 kickers is similar to Scout, but with these additional options:
    #10 Carey Spear. Has offer from Air Force, interest in 10 schools that aren't CU.
    #13 William Russ. Has 7 offers, including Vanderbilt, LSU, Arkansas and Miami. Considered one of the top punter/kicker combos in the country. Had a 5.2 hangtime punt at one camp. No offer CU.
    #14 Pablo Beltran, interested in Army and Texas Tech. No offers.
    #17 Ronnie Doherty (also shown in Scout list) still has Colorado as an option of interest in his Rivals profile. But no offers despite his outstanding senior season.

    Others (unranked by services, but with quality senior performances) who are considering Colorado:
    CO PK Josh Fralick
    Fralick was chosen by a scout reporter as MVP in Chatfield win over rival Columbine:
    Was thought to be an Oregon lean, but he's apparently still available, no commitment, no offers.
    TN K Christian Kauffman
    Still has Colorado as an option in his Rivals profile.
    CO PK Ryan Stokes
    Also a QB, his size may be better suited for kicking in college. Also talking to Oregon as a kicker.
    WA PK Jed Barnett

    We are on his list, no offers. Recommended by Paul Assad, kicking coach who runs CU's camps.

    Dark horses:
    Kyle Petry - D'Evelyn (Denver, CO). played defensive back and kicked for D'Evelyn
    Cameron Durkin - Araphoe (Littleton CO)
    John Gerry, - Holy Family, Broomfield, Colorado. Coached locally by Matt Thompson, who also works with Aric Goodman. IIRC, Gerry attends the same Catholic high school as the Hawkins' boys did in Colorado. Released a youtube highlight in December. (will post below.)
    Clay Hawkins - Glenwood Springs HS (Glenwood Springs, CO) Talented kicker/punter, also plays golf and soccer in same season, was key in Glenwood's state championship football season as a junior. Attended CU's kicking camp with Paul Assad. (highlights below.)
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  2. AlferdJasper

    AlferdJasper Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2008
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    John Gerry highlight tape (note: he's related to Bobby Petrino, so it says)

    Clay Hawkins Senior Highlight tape

    I think this is Clay Hawkins' junior tape, not sure.
  3. AlferdJasper

    AlferdJasper Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2008
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    And the offer goes to ...

    Justin Castor.

    Who justifiably said, hmmmm, let me think about it.

    But I have a good feeling we may see him in the black and gold this fall.

    With Mangino out at KU, he can gracefully use "coaching change" as a reason to excuse himself from the Jayhawks.

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