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Lookalike & Game thread - #16 (AP)/ #16 (NET rankings) Men's bball on the road vs. #17 (AP)/ #25 (NET) Oregon (Eugene, Thurs., 2/13, 7:00 PM MT, ESPN)


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The Buffs (19-5, 8-3) go for win #4 in a row as they travel to Eugene to face Oregon (18-6, 7-4, 12-0 so far at home), with the game on ESPN starting at 7:00 PM MT/ 6:00 PM Eugene time.

GO BUFFS- Beat the ducks!

Their roster for Lookalike suggestions
- https://goducks.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster

An initial preview -

Media links:
Game Notes
- Not available as I type this.

Live video - Game is being shown live on ESPN. For those whose Cable/ Satellite/ Cord Cutting subscription includes access to that channel, assume the game can also be streamed through a link at https://www.espn.com/watch/ .

Live Audio - https://cubuffs.com/watch/?Live=2407&type=Live or https://tunein.com/radio/Colorado-Basketball-s308227/?_branch_match_id=755610524985913398 . Game is also broadcast on the radio, typically on 850 AM and 94.1 FM.

Link to link to live stats - http://www.statbroadcast.com/events/statmonitr.php?gid=ore


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We need to win this. We are showcased in this matchup. Make the threes from the beginning and play tough D and we should be ok. I want to get out to an early lead and then step on their necks.

It looks like we are 3.5 point dogs which seems about right to me.


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Ugh so we’ll be forced to listen to Bill ramble on and on about MT? Brutal.
I don't think we'll hear too much. He will just recount all the different times he did something outside in Oregon, as well as all the Dead & Company shows he's been to at Folsom. Hell, maybe he'll be too busy eating peanut butter on camera again.

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Anybody know the officiating crew tonight? Unfortunately, it has come to this in analyzing how any Pac 12 game is going to go these days. :mad:
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Let's go Buffs! Play hard wire to wire, move the ball, move without the ball, limit your own turnovers!
Get a yuge win on the road!


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Anybody know the officiating crew tonight? Unfortunately, it has come this in analyzing how any Pac 12 game is going to go these days. :mad:
Continuing my campaign: They need to announce, on TV and in the arena, which ref makes each call. If they know they are being watched more closely, they might do a better job


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I'm hoping the players have a little extra chip on their shoulders tonight. tucker went to their games and acted part of the family, so they may be a bit pissed too. Big Bill will be talking about it, but I wonder if the 'o' fans will have some signs/comments. The biggest match up so far this year.

Go Buffs - remember dayton!


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I’m way more anxious for this game than I would be if I was playing or coaching in it.

I may need to get a serious buzz started before tip.


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Probably off to ESPNews or something for the start.
Reminder, there will be bad streaks in this game, and a loss does not end our season.