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Looking Ahead at FSU.

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by buff82, May 23, 2007.

  1. buff82

    buff82 Guest

    Date Opponent Location Time (MT) Results Media
    Sat, Sep 01 COLORADO STATE Denver, Colo. TBA

    Sat, Sep 08 Arizona State at Tempe, Ariz. TBA

    Sat, Sep 15 FLORIDA STATE BOULDER 8 p.m.




    Sat, Oct 06 *Baylor at Waco, Texas TBA

    Sat, Oct 13 *Kansas State at Manhattan, Kansas TBA



    Sat, Oct 27 *Texas Tech at Lubbock, Texas TBA


    Sat, Nov 10 *Iowa State at Ames, Iowa TBA

    Fri, Nov 23 *NEBRASKA BOULDER 10 a.m.

    * Conference Games


    Looks like Florida is our date to make.

    Returning SR's for Florida ..................16 [[9 off / 7 def]]

    Returning SR's for CU............... 16 [[12 0ff / 4 Def]]

    Looks like despite new position upgrades for both teams, both seem like they have equal experienced players on each club.

    Two observations

    1. When you make a comparison to last years defensive stats, you'll find that colorado is screwed in comparison to FSU. FSU owns us in every category, believe it or not on defense, its not even a fair contest.

    2. The bright spot is the O, i know this sounds strange:wow: , but we are the better ball club when it comes to running the ball.
    Passing gives FSU the clear edge.

    Out of these short observations, we will have a fair chance at competing with FSU. Winning might be a tall task, but not out of the question. If we beat FSU it will be because we stick to a conservative zone blitz coverage that keeps the running game honest, and allows FSU to force the offense by trying to pass at every play and thus cause turnovers.

    With that being said, we need to practice good time management if we plan in taking the running game completely away from florida. Hopefully Greg will teach the secondary to tackle efficiently and hard, to ease any holes the zone will create, and the d-line will have to be sharp throughout the game. With a Safety like Ryan Walters, we should be able to "Chizik" the ball out through hardhitting defensive tackling, thus wearing down the recievers.

    For the Dline and LB's we need a conservative, yet aggressive defense. And for the Secondary we need to emphasize on conservative coverage, less ball hawking, and more smart and hard hitting plays. If we get too happy intercepting balls, FSU will burn us.

    For the O, even though we have a decent running game(remember we will not have a reliable line by then so we need to confuse the d with a more versatile game, this is Hawks gift and time to shine), we need to mix it up with a little bit of West coast, and by that i mean getting the backs involved in the short passing game.

    Hawk seems to have based his offense on the 2 split backs pro set. This is great considering we'll need the extra blocking protection becuase of the youth of our line.

    Our X factors will be Ryan Miller, Our TE's and FB's and Dusty Sprague(i know, pass me the crack pipe). If Sprague can become a good possesion reciever by the fall instead of a north south galloway type reciever, it will do wonders for our offense. Ryan Miller hopefully will have a fast growth in the game and will be able to provide depth and talent.

    I know Sprague **** the stick this past year, but he's still very tall, strong and athletic, hopefully Hawkins can use him more as a possesion/ high post reciever.

    Stephon Robinson is a great reciever.....when he's left wide open!

    Seriously, that guy has no hands and sucks dinglebarrys.

    So to sum it all up, we should win this game if we just execute our game plan.<<<goes w/o sayin'

    Go Buffs!!!
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  2. Mick Ronson

    Mick Ronson Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2005
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    just to be brutally honest, i didn't see much "game plan" last year to bank my hopes on outcoaching another staff. how many times did you feel like the staff coached us "up" to contend for a win against a better team?**

    but, negativity aside, i still like our chances getting a W against either FSU or OU at home (for some knuckleheaded intuitive reason). 3-2 in the first 5 would be serious mojo. 2-3 wouldn't be insurmountable (bowl contention), but 1-4...another brutal year of second guessing. i don't like that we play conference "peers" (right now) KSU, ISU, Baylor on the road. those are the games we need to win.

    beating CSU is key. and getting one against ASU, FSU, or OU.

    **edit: UGA, i grant.
  3. Unleash Hell

    Unleash Hell Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    That is correct. CSU first, I can't believe when we lose to them, we really need to blow them out like in 2001, but a win by one point will do fine too.

    Personally I think FSU is the most winnable of ASU, FSU and OU.

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