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Meldown-OSU/BCS Style

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Bama Charlie, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Bama Charlie

    Bama Charlie Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2006
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    ****ing **** ass piss. Nick saban is a child molesting serial killer ass**** who is the equivalent of hitler. Go tigers
    I'm going to drive to Birmingham, find Elmwood Cemetary and piss on the bears grave. And I hope les miles dies of cancer
    god just suck saban off already, espn.
    College football is the equivalent of OPEC. IT’S AN EFFING CARTEL!!!
    Fiesta Bowl is so ****ing gay. Not as gay as bama, but pretty ****ing gay
    I always knew that Paul Rhodes would eventually RUIN FOOTBALL FOREVER
    Also, RBR is the most vile pathetic website on the Internet. Classless assholes. **** them all.
    Call your congressman. This is an outrage. Can we get a congressional investigation here?
    **** the system!
    All the top ESPN BCS show talking heads are Bama Alums!
    **** nick saban. A horrible human being
    I need sponsors... For OCCUPY BCS. All I need is a steady stream of red stripe and pizza. Maybe a lawn chair….
    Who’d figure…Craig James came across as semi human tonight. Everybody else, soul-less mother ****ing **** suckers
    Nation Boycotts over LSU-Bama rematch game coming... just wait and see...
    It’s a ****ing cesspool right now and they can’t or won’t police themselves so its time for a higher authority to step in and force them to. Don’t give me this ant-government b.s. in place of argument as to why we should not have a playoff system.
    T Boone needs to go file an injunction with a Federal Court. That would stop everything until it could be ruled on
    ala Mr. Smith goes to Washington
    If this were Hollywood the dude who is Ricky Bobby's dad would be nick ****in saban. What a gouache bag.
    I'm waiting for somebody to photoshop an SEC penis in an Espn analyst's mouth
    **** the BCS and ESPN. Boycott the sonsabitches.
    like a car wreck. You just can't look away from the carnage
    Don't. Boyvott the whole goddamned thing
    Nobody feed the troll...N8ture Boy has SEC *** all in his mouth
    We are so powerless in so many facets of our lives, everything from the economy, taxes, collapse of the middle class, and lessening of our basic rights, that sometimes it just feels good to be able to find an outlet where we can blow a gasket over something like a sporting event.
    Boone did say that he would pay for an investigation of the NCAA if the pokes ended up being snubbed from the title game. Let’s get some support behind T. Boone to get the investigation started. It smells like fish to me; LSU vs Bama rematch…
    Just announced Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl. Football is dead at all levels
    Don’t piss ‘em off, or they’ll head to Stillwater and fill Theta Pond with antifreeze.

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