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New Volleyball Player? (12/24 Edit- and a 2nd?)

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Mahoney just tweeted another great player is joining the Buffs and Christmas came early. Anybody know who?
Poster on volleytalk says this player is transferring to Colorado. She will be a senior in 2017. Her Instagram page has CU logo on it so that seems to support the idea of her transfer. No idea if this is the player Jesse's tweet referred to.

Nice find. Seems to be a very good server and defensive player based on her bio. Definitely has a lot of high level experience coming from a Power 5 conference. Looks like a great addition for the Buffs.
Libero who can serve consistently. Imagine that. CU's inconsistent serving has been a problem for as many years as I've been watching volleyball.
Per the below, looks like a 2nd transfer likely coming in? (Couldn't find any details yet on who it might be based on my normal twitter and instagram searches, and nothing on Rich Kern or Volleytalk.)

Ah- the 2nd incoming transfer is now known.
(Thanks to Pat Rooney at Buffzone- http://www.buffzone.com/buffzonetopstories/ci_30717070/transfers-set-join-cu-volleyball-program. Article also confirms Branen Berta's transfer. I note that CU Volleyball retweeted the tweet linking to the article.)

Transferring in from Penn State, welcome and congrats to 6'1" Outside Hitter (and/ or possibly setter***?) Emily DeMure for joining the Buffs!

Her Penn State bio - http://www.gopsusports.com/sports/w-volley/mtt/emily_demure_1016587.html (Looks like she'll be a sophomore next season, and hails from Granite Bay, Calif..)

*** Of course, don't know if it's being thought of AT ALL by the Buff coaches, but found an article (http://www.ragevball.com/news_article/show/562946?referrer_id=1155186) from late 2015 when Ms. DeMure verbally committed to PSU, and they quoted her thinking she was mainly coming into PSU as a setter at that point, so she might also be able to provide some potential help at that position if needed.

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Welcome to both Buffs! Like that the Penn State transfer has 3 years of eligibility left. She only played in 1 set this season.

Iowa State transfer has 1 year of eligibility but she has extensive experience.
Pretty likely that the Penn State transfer has decided that she wanted some playing time rather than living on the bench. Speculation on Volleytalk was that she was a walk-on and the almost total lack of playing time seems to support that.