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Offense questions for CU

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by cdog, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. cdog

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    Feb 2, 2008
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    Questions about the CU offense (or lack thereof):

    1) How do slower, larger, taller 2 star offensive lineman from CSU always seem to generate a better running game than the CU 3* and 4* O-line?
    I assume it is coaching, but why don't we just recruit some big, powerful, 6-5", 325lb+ slow 2 star linemen? (remember Mark Vander Poel?)
    MacElwain knows how to teach run blocking better than Eric Bienemy. We need some power and leverage. Why not pull the guards??? 98G anyone?

    2) How does EB not run the ball on 4th down on the goal line? Give me a break. This is why we lost today.
    If you can't use a Fullback (Powell not in this play?) to block and run the ball, you probably do not deserve to win this game anyway.
    We are a PAC 12 team, and need to have the strength to run the ball over the goal line.
    On the last 4th and 2 play, how about keeping the halfback in the backfield for 1 second, then release him for an easy 2 yard dump-off pass?
    I am tired of Hawkins and Embree throwing out to the sidelines...

    3) Quarterback - For the last 8 years (since probably Joe Klatt) why have we tried to run a Pro Set Offense without a 6-2", or 6-3" Pro Style QB
    without a cannon for an arm? It works with a Brock Osweiler, it does not work with Jordan Webb. Maybe CU should go back to dual-threat quarterback who can actually scramble, and complete passes on the run. Jordan scrambles were pathetic against CSU.
    I am hoping Shan Dillon will start in 2013 as traditional Pro Set QB.

    4) DeAnthony Thomas of Oregon Ducks just scored on 2 running plays from the 50. 43-3 in the first half. Can we have that guy and borrow the second string O-Line from Oregon and USC for a few years?! It has been a decade since Buffs have scored 43 points.

    That's about all, Go Shane Dillon! Go Buffs!

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