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Official Colorado State Game Thread

After watching that clip I kinda feel like the PI was set up to distract Hunter so the final blow could be delivered... like a designed play.
I don’t think so

What you don’t see in the tv coverage, but I watched live at the game, is the corner was riding Hunter like a mule all the way down the sideline. That’s why the ball looks over thrown. Without the PI that could easily have scored. Hunter is already out of the play well before the safety gets there though and probably didn’t see him coming.
I think that Norvell has a chance to show some leadership. As the leader of the team, shouldn’t he just come out and say that the hit on Travis Hunter was wrong? And then suspend the player or do something to send a message that this is important? Otherwise it just continues to look like they coach the players to do this, whether it’s true or not.
He can't say that when he's probably been telling them all along to knock around our players. He'd lose the team if he backtracked and apologized for something I bet he's been encouraging.
I’m glad Blackburn staid in. We might not have burned his replacement for three scores at the end of the game and in OT like we did him. “Toast” Blackburn! 😆

I guess his name is apropos.
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