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Olympic Sports- Transfers (incoming and outgoing) and other roster news

Some more soccer movement out:

1) Per one of my main sources for soccer commits (https ://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IbB3V_l4dzMu1PnuLIjX9bJyT9r9zn2voE_qefyFYko/htmlembed?gid=5&widget=false) (and also not appearing on next year's roster), looks like soccer has had another transfer out, as it lists junior midfielder Alyssa Herwatt as transferring to Michigan. She doesn't show up as having played at all this past season in the stats, so assume she was either hurt and/ or told the coaches she was planning on transferring and asked not to play. Because of this, I believe she'll have 2 years of eligibility left for the Wolverines.

Best wishes to her in Ann Arbor.

2) This year freshman midfielder Amy Alexander is not showing up on the coming year's roster either (http://www.cubuffs.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=600&SPID=259&SPSID=3934&KEY=&Q_SEASON=2016). Assuming it's not a website error, I assume this means she is also transferring, or has decided to concentrate on other aspects of her life.

Best wishes to her also.

Also, just wanted to mention some good news confirmed on the 2016 roster. I believe I'd already mentioned in other threads that it was happening, but senior Aussie defender Kahlia Hogg IS appearing on the 216 roster, so more confirmation she is definitely taking the medical redshirt option and will be a Buff for another year. (She got hurt early last year, and only played in 6 of 20 matches.) As I believe a starter (when healthy) most of the last couple years after transferring from Florida State, I'm sure her presence can only help stabilize the CU back row in 2016. (I believe she also mainly played as a midfielder in 2014, so assume could also give support there if enough transfers and/ or injuries provide a need in that position.)
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Per an article in Buffzone/ the Daily Camera (http://www.buffzone.com/other-cu-sports/ci_29597609/cu-tennis-no-1-singles-player-tina-bokhua) the Buffs' tennis team challenges, with Pac 12 conference play (where the Buffs look to be 3-38 since joining the conference) just about to start next weekend, have become greater- evidently the Buff's #1 ranked player, sophomore Tina Bokhua, has decided to transfer and won't be playing in any future matches.

Best wishes to Ms. Bokhua (who comes from Moscow Russia) wherever she ends up. For the current Buffs, as is always said in sports, it's "Next player up" time.
Per the below tweet (1st put in Allbuffs by Buffnik in the recruit thread) and associated article , looks like Buffs soccer has formally added a couple international players (both also with U.S. university experience). Welcome and congrats to midfielder Isobel Dalton and midfielder/ defender Hannah Scheid joining the Buffs!

Direct link to article - http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=600&ATCLID=210929693

A little more on each (quotes are all from the cubuffs article)-
"University of Colorado soccer head coach Danny Sanchez announced the signing of two student-athletes on Tuesday. Isobel Dalton (Caloundra, Queensland, Australia) and Hannah Scheid (Waldsolms, Germany) both signed financial aid agreements to join the Buffaloes for the 2016 season. The two student-athletes join five that signed in February, bringing the incoming recruiting class to seven."

Isobel Dalton- "Dalton, a 5-foot-6 midfielder, is a transfer from Lindsey Wilson College (LWC) in Kentucky, where she led the team to the NAIA national finals last season. As a freshman, she scored seven goals and had two assists in seven starts. ... Prior to the 2015 college season, she lived in England for a year where she played in the WSL1 for Bristol City FC. Dalton also spent time with the Brisbane Roar in the Australian W-League. ..."
Short Bio (more highlights) and stats from LWC website- http://www.lindseyathletics.com/roster/31/3/8888.php
Note- since she was listed as a freshman this past season at LWC, assume it's safe to say she'll be a sophomore next season.

Hannah Scheid - "Scheid, a 5-foot-7 outside midfielder/defender, joins the Buffaloes after playing in Germany for two years. She has played as an amateur in the second division of the Bundesliga, where she started all 20 matches and is team captain for Hessen Wetzlar in 2015-16. ... Scheid spent the 2013 season at Ashford University, where she was third on the team in scoring with four goals and four assists in starting all 16 matches as a true freshman. At CU, she will major in biology."
Short Bio from her time at Ashford University (AU)- http://www.ashfordathletics.com/roster/21/12/3926.php
Stats at AU- http://ashfordathletics.com/stats/2013-14/WSoccer/teamcume.htm#TEAM.IND
Her German team (Hessen Wetzlar) statistics- http://nr.soccerway.com/teams/germany/hessen-wetzlar/34108/squad/
(Listed as a defender on this website for her Bundesliga team, Ms. Scheid impressively is the only player on her team who's played in EVERY minute (1,800) of her team's 20 matches this season.)

Note- With her 2 season hiatus since she played her freshman year at Ashford (an NAIA school), I'm not sure what year she'll be considered for soccer purposes.?. (I don't know how the 5 year rule works and what intricacies there might be. Does it matter if her prior college time was an NAIA university? Just from reading the D1 manual (http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/D116.pdf , page #77) , I'm thinking the 5 year rule MAY affect her standing, in which case I'd assume she MAY be a junior for CU soccer purposes???)
Per Richkern.com, looks like the Buff volleyball may have yet another home state player transfer coming back to Colorado (3rd home state player transferring back in the last 5 years or so?) as the site shows the Buff picking up 5'10" setter Kiara McKibben as a transfer from the Univ. of San Francisco (USF) Dons.

Assuming it IS true (and Rich Kern is usually reliable), Welcome to her!

She shows as a junior in USF's 2015 roster, so assume she'll just be playing her senior year with the Buffs. She should have some good familiarity with at minimum part of the team, as she was on the same Doherty HS team in Colorado Springs with the Simpson sisters that won the state championship in her and Cierra's senior season. (Just guessing from the high school stats (http://www.maxpreps.com/high-school...rado-springs,co)/volleyball-fall-12/stats.htm), looks like she and Gabby Simpson, a high school junior that year, were both used as setters in a 6-2 while hitting when their rotations were in the front row.)

Just looking at the USF stats (http://www.usfdons.com/custompages/Stats/Volleyball/2015/teamcume.htm), she lead the Dons in assists in 2015, although there is another setter who also had a decent #, so I'm guessing they may have used a 6-2 at minimum a good part of the year. In 2014, she had an overwhelming % of the sets, so looks like she was probably used as a sole setter in a 5-1 most of that year.

Her USF player biography- http://www.usfdons.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=2874&path=wvball
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Last time I talked to Coach Jesse (at one of the spring matches), he said they were still looking for another setter. Seems like they got a pretty good one. They sure needed another setter on the roster so this is really good to hear.
Does sound like they found a good setter and one was needed. Always need a player to either spell Gabby or if she should get injured.
Of course, we can never know for sure what these indirect tweets by coaches necessarily mean but, based on the timing, guess the below could be at least some confirmation re Ms. McKibben becoming a Buff. (Now, if it included a #CUin16 or similar hashtag, it would be a slam dunk.)

I assume at this point her transfer, if true, should be able to be announced as official pretty soon, as the USF beach volleyball season (Ms. McKibben was a member of that team also) is over.

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I know Coach Lappe or one of the assistant coaches posted things like that when she got verbal commitments. It usually meant something.
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Volleytalk also shows Kiara McKibben as a transfer from San Francisco to Colorado. But they incorrectly show her as a sophomore for next season.
Confirmation of Kiara McKibben becoming a Buff- http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=600&ATCLID=210991103 .

And, also from the same article- congrats and welcome to 6'0" junior setter Marie Zimmerman on joining the Buffs, Per the article Ms. Zimmerman, from Lakewood, played on the CU Club team last year after transferring from Sacred Heart University after the 2014 season. (Per http://sacredheartpioneers.com/sports/w-volley/2014-15/teams/sacredheart?view=lineup , looks like she was their main setter her sophomore year.)

Huge news for the soccer program! Senior forward who was all-ACC for North Carolina and a midfielder/forward who is coming back home after spending a year at Tennessee. Both are immediately eligible.

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Huge news for the soccer program! Senior forward who was all-ACC for North Carolina and a midfielder/forward who is coming back home after spending a year at Tennessee. Both are immediately eligible.

Wow- look like potentially a couple VERY solid additions for the Buffs. Anytime you can get a leading goal scorer (tied with 5 in 2014) from North Carolina in Ms. Bruder to help provide some senior leadership and production, and then (per http://www.utsports.com/sports/w-soccer/mtt/megan_massey_948869.html ) the 57th ranked player in her 2015 class and high school All-American, with 3 years left to contribute and improve, in Ms. Massey- sounds good.

Welcome and congrats to both!
Per Rich Kern, Zuri Smith has transferred from CU to West Virginia. She is no longer listed on the volleyball roster on CUBuffs web site. She red-shirted last season as a freshman and was then listed as a 6'5" outside hitter. This spring, she was listed as a middle blocker / right side hitter. Good luck to her.
Per Rich Kern, Zuri Smith has transferred from CU to West Virginia. She is no longer listed on the volleyball roster on CUBuffs web site. She red-shirted last season as a freshman and was then listed as a 6'5" outside hitter. This spring, she was listed as a middle blocker / right side hitter. Good luck to her.

Best of wishes to her from me also. (Looks like West Virginia actually formally announced this a week or so ago - http://www.wvusports.com/page.cfm?story=30265&cat=exclusives .)
Was just perusing the volleyball roster, and it looks like last year freshman middle blocker/ outside hitter Aidan Lea is not listed on the 2016 roster. After a quick Google search, looks like she has gone back to Canada, and will be playing much closer to her hometown at the Univ. of British Columbia- Okanagan this year. (Source- last paragraph of https://news.ok.ubc.ca/athrec/2016/05/18/33276/ .)

Best of wishes to her.
A fairly detailed interview with and about setter Kiara McKibben, focuses a lot on her upbringing and her parents who are both career military as well as her volleyball.
Looks like very good news in the men's golf front as, per http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=600&ATCLID=211027594 , former Buff Yannik Paul has decided to come back to school after taking last year off. (he was at CU his freshman and sophomore years, so assume he would be the equivalent of a red shirt junior?) He is the twin brother of leading Buff golfer last season Jeremy Paul, who per the article set the Buff record for lowest average score for a season at 70.66 in 2015/16. Yannik is the 125th ranked amateur in the world, which makes him #2 among German amateurs, behind only his brother. In his last (sophomore) year at CU, looks like he had the 2nd lowest stroke average (per http://www.cubuffs.com/fls/600/mgolf/statistics/2014-15.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=600 .)

Per the article "Yannik has returned to the team after a year off, when he returned to his native Germany and contemplated turning professional. He has since decided to return to CU to complete his education and continue his collegiate career. "

Note- Although I'd guess they might not get much screen time unless they post great scores, both brothers are competing starting tomorrow in a top level European Tour event, the BMW International Open, which I assume will be shown on the Golf Channel.
Appears the Buff soccer roster continues to be very fluid, as 2 more veterans are no longer appearing on this coming season's roster, namely Junior defender Jenna Reeves and starter and senior defender Alex Hyunh. Assuming they have left, best of wishes to them wherever their journeys take them. (Assuming they have left, believe that would make 6 (non-graduated) players from last season's roster (out of 20) who are no longer with the team.)

(Thanks to the http://forums.bigsoccer.com/threads/2016-colorado-buffaloes.2027074/page-8 forum and thread for being the 1st information for me these 2 players might be leaving/ had left the Buffs.)
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