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Other Games 9/21-9/23


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Getting into the core of the college football season and we are already seeing some rotten teams emerge.

Every year it seems like there is one or two weekends notable for multiple upsets, last weekend was one of those with a couple of top 25 teams losing to unranked opponents and multiple P5 teams losing to G5 or even an FCS opponent.

This week we finally get to see some games matching top 25 teams. We also are starting to get into conference schedules so we don’t have many top teams bringing in what they hope will be punching bags.

Thursday gets us going with a battle of two of the better Sun Belt teams with Georgia State (3-0) at Coastal Carolina (2-1) who’s only loss was at UCLA.

Friday night has not one but two games with P5 competition, not good P5 competition but P5 schools.

The Wisconsin Bad gers (space intentional) who are 2-1 but beat two weaker opponents and lost to Washington State are at Purdue (1-2) who managed to beat Virginia Tech but lost to Fresno.

North Carolina State (2-1) beat up a couple of those lower division punching bags and now gets a P5 punching bag at Virginia (0-3.)

The late game has Sad Jose State (1-2) hosting Air Force (3-0) The Spartans gave up an average of 6.4 yards per rush to mighty Toledo last week, not a comforting thought when facing the Falcons running attack.

Saturday we finally get some games between teams in the rankings and some look pretty interesting.

Best of the early games might be (4) Florida State at Clemson (2-1) and in the strange situation of not being ranked. Clemson in recent years has been the big name in the ACC winning a couple national championships as FSU didn’t meet their fans expectations. Now it looks like FSU wants to reclaim their position as a national powerhouse.

We also get Rutgers (3-0) looking for an upset at (2) Michigan. Auburn (3-0) goes to Texas A&M (2-1) in a contest of two schools looking to get back into the rankings.

In the mid-afternoon time slot along with the Buffs we get two other games matching ranked teams. In SEC country (15) Ole Miss goes to (13) Alabama who is in a rare position of being out of the top 10 and is trying to figure out their QB situation. If the Rebels are going to have a chance to beat the Tide this might be their best one for a while.

Michigan State (2-1) fresh off getting smashed by Washington and dealing with a coaching change as The Melsturbator is in the process of getting fired, is home against Maryland (3-0) and their hallucinogen uniforms.

Also in a big PAC12 battle (22) UCLA is at (11) Utah. The PAC12 has the rankings full as later on in the championship of the future PAC 2 (14) Oregon State is at (21) Washington State.

Early evening has (24) Iowa and their stone age offense at (7) Penn State and their stone age morals. The day's biggest name battle though is at the same time with (9) Notre Dame hosting (6) Ohio State. Winner will have a leg up in the race for the playoff.

Hoping to pull their record even (1-2) Numbraska host (2-2) Louisiana Tech leading into their trip to the woodshed next week with (2) Michigan coming in.

For those who enjoy watching Baylor (1-2) lose they might end up as a skid mark with (3) Texas visiting the wackos in Waco.

Hard to argue anything other than UConn (0-3) stinks as a football program. They are the likely victims in the blowout of the week as (18) Duke comes to visit.

The garbage game of the week is close by in New England featuring the New Mexico (1-2) Lo blows at UMess (1-3.) This is one of those games that somebody no matter how little they deserve it leaves with a win.

Most of the PAC12 schools have already been mentioned but (5) USC is at Arizona State (1-2) and Cal (2-1) goes to (8) Washington.

Local schools include CSU (0-2) at Middle Tennessee (1-2). Will the hangover from losing their most important game of the year lead them into another loss in what should be a winnable game.

Wyoming (2-1) hung even at ranked Texas last week well into the second half. This week they have a scrappy but much less talented Appalachian State (1-2) visiting Laramie.

Northern Colorado only lost last week by 43 points at Washington State. This week the Bears (0-3) have one of the few games that might be winnable on their schedule at Idaho State (0-3.) a team that won a total of one game last year and didn’t get a new coach like Prime.

The small colleges are in full swing on their conference schedules.

Big game this week has Mines (3-0,1-0) going to Pueblo. Pueblo (1-2,0-1) lost to Western last week and needs the upset here to retain any real hope of winning the conference.

Western (3-0,1-0) is at Chadron (1-2,0-1.) Mesa (2-1,1-0) plays at a very good Black Hills State (2-1,1-0.)
Look at the bright side @hokiehead they so far aren't in contention for either the blowout of the week or the garbage game of the week. Those would get them mentioned.
I'm not a gambler but found it funny that Rutgers, proud member of the B1G and 3-0 on the season is a 24 point dog to Michigan. The imbalance of quality in the B1G is ridiculous.

On a more serious note Mines is still ranked #2 in the coaches poll, Western is up to #19, Pueblo dropped out but is still receiving votes.

The #1 Ferris State lost last week 17-10 but played Montana which is a solid FCS so that close loss didn't hurt them.
I saw a CFB map tweet that had Adams State as the best gameday atmosphere in CO this week.

It truly does suck to be a CSU Ram.
Now that the CU game is over if they were playing at the Fort Adams may still have a bigger crowd. :ROFLMAO:

With the sheep at 0-2 and playing a team that doesn't travel this far if the game were home would CSU draw over 15,000? Might not pass 10,000.
I'm not a gambler but found it funny that Rutgers, proud member of the B1G and 3-0 on the season is a 24 point dog to Michigan. The imbalance of quality in the B1G is ridiculous.

CU is 3-0 and a 21 underdog to UO. So I guess you are saying that CU = Rutgers.