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Pac-12 car wash: South Division

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    By Ted Miller

    [​IMG]The Pac-12 coaches are taking a vacation in Bristol, Conn., on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Not exactly.

    For the second consecutive season, conference coaches will be at ESPN headquarters doing myriad interiews across all sorts of media platforms. It's a busy day, but it gives you myriad opportunities to see or even interact with your favorite -- or least favorite -- head coach.

    Of course, many of the segments are taped. You will be seeing them over the coming weeks as we head toward the 2011 season.

    Because we know important people at ESPN, we've obtained a schedule for each coach. We're going to give you the South Division here -- they're in Bristol on Wednesday --*and the North Division a bit later.

    All time are Eastern.
    9:10amESPN.com Page 2ESPN.com/Page2
    9:55amESPNU College Football PodcastTaped segment
    10:20amFirst Take (live)*ESPN2
    10:40amESPNUTaped segment
    11:00amGameDay*Taped segment
    11:40amSportsCenter (live)ESPN
    11:50amtwitter chatTwitter.com/SportsCenter
    12:15pmScott Van Pelt Radio ShowTaped segment
    12:40pmESPN Social MediaFacebook.com/ESPN**** Youtube.com/ESPN*** Twitter.com/ESPN
    1:00pmESPN.com ChatESPN.com
    1:40pm*College Football LiveTaped segment

    *WEDNESDAY JULY 27Platform
    9:30amESPNUTaped segment
    10:10amESPN.com Page 2ESPN.com/Page2
    10:30amESPN.com chatESPN.com
    11:15amGameDayTaped segment
    11:40amESPN Social MediaFacebook.com/ESPN**** Youtube.com/ESPN*** Twitter.com/ESPN
    12:15pmThe Herd (live)ESPNU
    12:40pmSportsCenter (live)ESPN
    12:50pmtwitter chatTwitter.com/SportsCenter
    1:40pmCollege Football LiveTaped segment
    *WEDNESDAY JULY 27Platform
    9:10amGameDayTaped Segment
    9:50amESPNUTaped Segment
    10:25amESPNU College Football PodcastTaped Segment
    11:00amESPN RISETaped Segment
    11:20amESPN.com Page 2ESPN.com/Page2
    12:00pmESPN Social MediaFacebook.com/ESPN**** Youtube.com/ESPN*** Twitter.com/ESPN
    12:20pmESPN.com chatESPN.com
    1:15pmCollege Football LiveTaped Segment
    1:40pm*SportsCenter (live)ESPN
    1:50pm*twitter chatTwitter.com/SportsCenter

    *WEDNESDAY JULY 27Platform
    9:10amESPNUTaped Segment
    9:40amThe HerdTaped Segment
    10:15amGameDayTaped Segment
    10:40amSportsCenter (live)ESPN
    10:50amtwitter chatTwitter.com/SportsCenter
    11:20amESPNU College Football PodcastTaped Segment
    11:45amScott Van Pelt Radio ShowTaped Segment
    12:30pm*ESPN.com Page 2ESPN.com/Page2
    1:00pmCollege Football LiveTaped Segment
    1:35pmDoug Gottlieb Radio ShowTaped Segment

    *WEDNESDAY JULY 27Platform
    9:15amMike & Mike (live)ESPN2
    9:40amSportsCenter (live)ESPN
    9:50amtwitter chatTwitter.com/SportsCenter
    10:10amESPN RISETaped Segment
    10:30amGameDayTaped Segment
    11:00amESPNU College Football PodcastTaped Segment
    11:30amESPNUTaped Segment
    12:00pmESPN.com Page 2ESPN.com/Page2
    12:30pmThe Herd (live)ESPNU
    1:00pmCollege Football LiveTaped Segment
    1:25pmDoug Gottlieb Radio ShowTaped Segment
    1:45pmScott Van Pelt Radio ShowTaped Segment

    *WEDNESDAY JULY 27Platform
    9:10amESPN RISETaped Segment
    9:40amESPN.com Page 2ESPN.com/Page2
    10:10amESPNUTaped Segment
    10:30amESPN3.com*Taped Segment
    11:00amScott Van Pelt Radio ShowTaped Segment
    11:20amFirst Take (live)ESPN2
    11:40amESPNU College Football PodcastTaped Segment
    12:05pmGameDayTaped Segment
    12:45pm*The Herd (live)ESPNU
    1:15pm*College Football LiveTaped Segment
    1:40pmSportsCenter (live)ESPN
    1:50pmtwitter chatTwitter.com/SportsCenter

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