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Potential Senarios

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Buff_since76, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Buff_since76

    Buff_since76 Still a fan... Club Member

    Apr 9, 2009
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    All the different possibilities are killing me. I went ahead and sort of broke down the possible events and results below:
    1. ND accepts Big 11 offer and the Big 11 stops at 12
    a. The PAC-10 goes to 12, and CU leaves the Big 12 :smile2:
    b. TCU or some other school joins the Big 12
    c. The MWC, WAC, & Con USA look to form a bigger conference

    2. ND rejects Big 11 offer, but looks to only add 1 school
    a. Big 11 offer MU to join and MU accepts
    i. The PAC 10 goes to 12 and adds CU :smile2:
    ii. Same as above
    b. Big 11 offer NU to join and NU accepts
    i. The Big 12 may implode with this, or it may not, but would require some realignment
    ii. PAC-10 could look to only add 2 teams to be like other conferences
    1. CU could be included in PAC-10, but the PAC-10 would not be able to add all 4 Texas schools :smile2:
    iii. The MWC may push to be a BCS division and add other schools to get to 12
    1. Conference USA and the WAC could get raided to fill empty slots

    3. ND rejects Big 11 offer, and the Big 11 decide to trump ND and add 5
    a. The would include both MU and NU who accept to have slots in a mega conference
    b. The PAC-10 looks to add six team (and this is where things get complicated)
    i. Does Dan Bebee try to come up with a contingency plan to expand to 16 and negotiate a better TV deal? (deperate move but why not)
    1. This would keep the Texas schools happy, but it also might leave them on their own
    ii. Does the PAC-10 issue invitations quickly especially since the ACC and SEC might look to expand to 16 quickly as well
    1. Rather than wait for Texas (and the legislature) to dictate terms do they jump out in front and give the invitations
    a. If so CU immediately joins the PAC-10 when they receive their invitation :smile2:
    iii. Does the PAC-10 wait and negotiate with Texas
    1. Do they want to have Baylor come along
    2. Are they forced to have Baylor come
    a. CU has to start looking for a new conference :cry:
    3. Do they wait and see if the SEC makes an offer as well :huh:
    a. If so who knows wtf will happen, but CU will go to the PAC-10
    4. The PAC-10 sends offers and Texas has to wait for legislative approval
    a. CU accepts but has to wait and see if Texas forces Baylor in
    iv. As Texas waits what does the PAC-10 do
    1. Wait and bow to Texas
    2. Start looking for other partners
    a. Assuming OU and OSU accept because they don’t want to be left out
    b. Look at adding a combination Utah, BYU, Boise State, KSU, KU
    i. UT, aTm, BU, T Tech would have to join the MWC where they would be back with TCU (Baylor should be happen as they “keep their traditional rivals” and add a former rival
    ii. Texas doesn’t wait, but gets caught up in a huge internal mess that gets dragged on with law suites

    I know there are many other possible outcomes but this whole thing is getting really annoying. I wish they would just **** or get off the pot!
  2. El Gringo

    El Gringo Pura Vida Club Member

    Jul 13, 2005
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    To stick with the phraseology, I suspect NU is wiping and will flush on Friday. Some times those big turds take a lot of pushing and a lot of time to get out...

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