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Q&A with Shani and Patrick Dillon

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by MontanaBuff, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    What it's Like to be Recruited

    While all college football fans understand the importance of recruiting as a part of the overall structure of a successful program, the recruiting process was for a long time a mystery to most of us. We read up on the list of recruits in the newspaper in February, and trusted - hoped - that the coaching staff knew what they were doing.

    Now, with the internet, the advent of recruiting websites and YouTube video highlights, we can all fancy ourselves recruiting experts. We compare stars which have been assigned to recruits, their 40-yard dash times, and their offer sheets.

    But there remains one aspect of the recruiting process which remains mysterious for most of us ... What is it like to be a recruit or the parent of a recruit? This series attempts to shed some light on that question.

    If you were with CU at the Game last January, then you may recall a series of interviews with Lance Carl (Class of 1983 - Bill McCartney's first recruiting class), Erik Norgard (Class of 1985), Clay Norgard (Class of 2012), as well as a Q&A with Erik and Lisa Norgard, on being the parents of a recruit. (If you would like to read these interviews, they can be found here).


    This January, we open with Shani and Patrick Dillon, parents of Shane Dillon. Shane was a three-star quarterback recruit out of El Cajon, California, coming to Boulder as part of the CU recruiting Class of 2012 (Rivals bio). Shane was ranked as the No. 13 pro-style quarterback in the nation, and was sought after by a number of BCS conference schools. Shane committed early (the June before his senior year), having yet to see the Buffs play a game under Jon Embree, and was considered one of the top recruits of the 2012 Class. Dillon sat out last year, and is considered by many to be the favorite to start for the Buffs as a red-shirt freshman this fall.

    The full interview of Shani and Patrick Dillon is too long to be posted here, but can be found at www.cuatthegame.com

    (I trust that, after reading this interview, and the one with Shane - to be posted in a few weeks - that you will be even more excited about this red-shirt freshman taking over as the Buffs' starting quarterback next fall).
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    You learned how to link to your site. I'm so proud of you! :smile2:
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    Damn, why can't I rep the same post twice?
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    Great read, Montana, thank you!
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    This needs to be bumped.

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