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Re-ranking the 2011 recruiting classes

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Aug 17, 2010.

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    [​IMG]It's been*more than*two months since ESPN has revised its recruiting rankings for the 2011 class, but it did so on Monday with a preseason update.

    Here's who came in the national top 25, with this year's June ranking in parentheses:

    1. Texas (1)

    3. Oklahoma (4)

    15. Nebraska (12)

    16. Oklahoma State (17)

    20. Texas Tech (14)

    Here's a quick rundown of where each team stands entering the season:

    (Before I get loads of angry e-mail, remember that, yes, total recruits aren't a perfect indicator of class strength, but that's why this is a "quick" rundown.)

    For a closer look, click on each team to see each commitment in the 2011 class. And for a few comments from me on each team's top commits, see our last set of rankings.

    A final reminder: None of these players will be able to sign a binding letter of intent until February 2011. Commitments are, of course, non-binding.

    1. Texas

    Total commitments: 22

    ESPNU 150 members: 9

    2. Oklahoma

    Total commitments: 18

    ESPNU 150 members: 5

    3. Nebraska

    Total commitments: 13

    ESPNU 150 members: 2

    4. Oklahoma State

    Total commitments: 17

    ESPNU 150 members: 1

    5. Texas Tech

    Total commitments: 18

    6. Kansas

    Total commitments: 15

    7. Kansas State

    Total commitments: 14

    8. Missouri

    Total commitments: 11

    9. Baylor

    Total commitments: 11

    10. Texas A&M

    Total commitments: 10

    11. Iowa State

    Total commitments: 8

    12. Colorado

    Total commitments: 4


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