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Roster Updates

Discussion in 'University of Colorado News and Olympic Sports' started by cmgoods, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. cmgoods

    cmgoods Olympic Sports Mod Club Member

    Oct 15, 2011
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    I updated the rosters for the teams that were available for the upcoming season. Here are some updates on some of the players:

    Men's Golf
    Andrew Bonner-Freshman: Informed the staff that he won't be returning to the team. He played in seven tournaments last team and looked like he would have been an important piece for the future of the team. He left apparently because of his mother's illness and Boulder being cold. He is looking to transfer to either UNLV or Oregon.
    Kraig McLeod-RS Freshman: Informed the staff that he won't be returning to the team. He only saw time in two tournaments last season and didn't have a huge impact. I couldn't find any info on why he left or where he might be going, but it might be for playing time.
    Ross Thornton-RS Freshman: He did not see any action in the fall, as the plan for him was to redshirt for the season, but in the spring, he made the decision to no longer play college golf but to remain at CU to continue his studies.

    Women's Soccer
    Sydney Carlson-Freshman: It looks like she transferred to Seattle University. It doesn't look like she saw any playing time for the Buffs. That might be the reason why she transferred and she's also from Washington.
    Olivia Pappalardo-Sophomore: Transferred to Depauw. Don't know the reason, but it might have been to be closer to home since she is from Chicago. She started 29 games over the last 2 seasons with 13 being last year. She had 1 career goal and 4 career assists. It looks like this is a decent sized loss from a depth perspective, but not much scoring wise.
    Taylor Thurmond-Sophomore: Not sure what the deal here is. She hasn't seen much playing time and couldn't find anything about her leaving, but she isn't listed on next season's roster.

    There were also some really good transfers that we've added to the program for this year:
    Junior Midfielder Kahlia Hogg (Florida State) - She hasn't seen much time for Florida State, but she has been a member of both the Under 17 and Under 20 Australian Women's National Teams.
    Junior Goalie Kate Scheele (Colorado College) - She started all of CC's 22 games last season (15-4-3) and was named to the Conference USA first team.
    Sophomore Midfielder Morgan Stanton (Santa Clara) - She saw action in 7 games last season and was also once on the Under 17 US Women's National Team.

    Women's Tennis
    Dhany Quevedo- Freshman: Transferred to South Florida. She was a starter last season at mostly #5 and #6 singles in which she achieved four victories. It's not that big of a loss, but it still hurts to lose a starter on a team that is struggling to win.

    Women's Volleyball
    Chelsey Keoho- Freshman: Looks like she has transferred to Oregon. Looks like she only saw action in one match last season, so I'm guessing it's playing time, but not sure.
    Makayla Lundin- Freshman: Not sure what the story here is, but she isn't listed on the roster for next season. She was time in 5 matches last season and seemed to have made somewhat of an impact, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
    Kate Klepetka- Freshman: Transferred to Texas A&M-Corpus Christie. Doesn't look like she saw any time as a Buff last season.
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  2. BeBe

    BeBe Club Member Club Member

    Oct 11, 2005
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    re: Makayla Lundin .... she was brought in last year to be the back-up setter behind Edelman. She saw time in several of the non-conference matches and seemed pretty decent.
    But with Gabby Simpson coming in this year as a highly ranked setter / hitter, I suspect Makayla saw her chance at playing time disappearing and has looked to go elsewhere to get in the game.

    re: Chelsey Keoho ... She was a frosh here at CU in 2012 and played a fair amount. So, if she played at all for the Buffs last season, she is now a junior. I know that's what the CU roster had her listed as before she transferred.
  3. AztecBuff

    AztecBuff Club Member Club Member

    Mar 9, 2013
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    A few notes I have:

    1) Good news on the soccer front as I see CU Asst. Coach Don Trendham just tweeted "Welcome back @oliviaroseee_! #pumpedup #GoBuffs #CUin14", so it sounds like Olivia Pappalardo may still be a Buff!?!

    2) Regarding Kate Kepletka, I don't think she ever ended up joining the CU volleyball team. (She was listed as a recruit, but wasn't part of the team, or at least wasn't by the time they started playing matches last year.)

    3) Re Chelsea Keoho, looks like BeBe is right as she IS showing in Oregon's roster as a junior. (I thought she might get to be a sophomore since per the stats (http://www.cubuffs.com/fls/600/volleyball/season_stats/2013CUoverallstats.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=600) it looks like she got effectively 0 playing time last year, showing one set played and 0's for every other stat category.) One thing that will be interesting to see for me is, as a transfer to another in-conference school, will she need to sit out a year?
  4. Buffnik

    Buffnik Real name isn't Nik Club Member Junta Member

    Mar 20, 2009
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    Great news on Olivia.

    I think Soccer is going to be better this year. May not translate to another Sweet 16, but I believe the team will be stronger.
  5. MarkW

    MarkW Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2012
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    There appears to be an up-to-date roster on CU's official site, but Olivia isn't on it. However, it does have Madi Hall, a transfer from Portland (an outstanding program in women's soccer). Like Morgan Stanton she's from Lakewood and will be a sophomore this fall. All four transfer look like they will help the team, but Kate Scheele, the keeper, will be the most important. Without her CU would have almost no experience in goal. With her they have a potential all-conference caliber keeper.

    CU indeed could win more regular season games this year and not do as well in the post season.

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