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Scotty McKnight and the numbers game

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, May 13, 2010.

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    [​IMG]Scotty McKnight suffering a sprain in his left leg, as well as a chipped bone, marred Colorado's first scrimmage in March. The injury ended his spring and forced quarterbacks Tyler Hansen and Cody Hawkins to duel for the starting gig without the Buffaloes' leading receiver.

    Well, McKnight is back at home in Southern California, and the time off has obviously been beneficial.

    “It’s 105 percent right now,” McKnight said. “I’m ready to go. All I’ve been doing here is training all day long.”

    Of course, that's good to hear for the senior, who caught 76 passes for 895 yards and six touchdowns last season.

    But 105 percent? Any athlete looking for success gives 110 percent, but I couldn't recall the last time one described himself as 105 percent healthy or talked about giving 105 percent effort.

    I may have been right. A quick Google search for "105 percent" shows McKnight as the fourth overall result. No other sports-related links even show up in the first 10 pages of results. I don't know if McKnight used a hyperbaric chamber, but whatever he used, it had unique results.

    Page 2 here at ESPN addressed this issue a few years back, and if McKnight can keep the healing process going, he could find himself among some rare company.
    Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora, on recovering from an injury: "I'm fine now. I'm 120 percent." (The Miami Herald, May 8, 2005)​
    Should have gotten hurt more often, perhaps.
    B.C. Lions player personnel director Bob O'Billovich on former NFL defensive tackle Frank Ferrara: "He only knows how to do things at 150 percent." (The Vancouver Sun, May 31, 2005)​
    Can't be easy to keep that up constantly. If he's only 100 percent, did he pull himself from games? This needs investigation.
    Former Bears defensive lineman Richard Dent, shortly after being picked up by the 49ers: "A lot of guys play 110 percent, and that's fine. But then there's another 60-70 percent that's mental. Now you've got 180 percent, so what do you do?" (San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 9, 1994)​
    No wonder the 49ers won all those Super Bowls in the '80s and '90s. If only the rest of the league had figured that out.

    And finally, in perhaps the most applicable example, Big 12 defenses might as well not even show up to games against Colorado this season if McKnight gets a hold of the Mark Prior Injury Recovery Plan.
    Cubs catcher Henry Blanco on Mark Prior: "His stuff is always there, but you just wondered if the elbow would be 100 percent healthy. He showed he was 200 percent healthy." (June 27, 2005)​
    For those keeping count, if McKnight can do that, he'll have 152 catches, three short of the record set by Bowling Green's Freddie Barnes last season. He'd also have 1,790 yards, 9 more than Missouri's Danario Alexander, who led the nation in receiving yards in 2009.

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    Jan 4, 2008
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    Funny article is right, Wally.

    I'm more of a 70% guy who's giving you an extra 20%.
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    the hammer?
  5. dply

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    good movie
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    I always give 100%

    Monday 15%
    Tuesday 25%
    Wednsday 30%
    Friday 10%

    In a good week if I am really inspired I can even bring it up to 105% but that would take a good reason.
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    trend analysis:
    2010 - 103 catches, 1180 yards, 7 TDs - 2 wins
  9. Idot Buff

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    So, Scotty's improved production is correlated with our number of wins. In that case, let's hope Scotty catches 10 balls, 100 yards, and 1 TD....8 wins, baby!

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