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Simulating The Buffaloes 2012 Season With NCAA 2013

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jul 22, 2012.

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    By Jon Woods

    For our final story in the NCAA 2013 series (previous posts are here and here) I decided to simulate a full season for Colorado on the game as a fun way to see how the season could play out. Obviously the results have very little bearing on how the season will go this year, but it's always an interesting thing to look at. Thanks to Brad for helping me with the simulation. vs. Colorado St....

    Click the link above or visit http://www.ralphiereport.com for more.

    Originally posted by Ralphie Report
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    Except for the Utes (#3 ranking and they put on 45 on us?!?) if we do this well I'd be mollified. I wouldn't be happy since we'd be 5-7, but if we could keep all of these games close it'd be a HUGE step for this program, imo. We got obliterated by UO and USC last year (and UW, UCLA, Stanford and ASU). I'd like to see 6-6 and get to a bowl game, especially since we are so young it'd be great to have extra practices, but if this is how things turned out the future would look bright.
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    Wonder which rosters he used.

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