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The Suck for Luck Sweepstakes

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Oct 18, 2011.

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    While at dinner last night, the Fins/Jets game was forced on me. Having been eye-raped by Monday Night Football, I can safely say the Miami Dolphins are plain awful. Like, 0-16 awful. Sure, they may screw up and back into a win or two, but I doubt it. And that brings my mind around to the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

    Having watched Luck the past two years, it's easy to see why 'experts' drool over him; he's got the tools, make-up, and pro-style offense experience to be an immediate impact at the next level. Hell, if given the opportunity, I would think at least 1/3rd of NFL teams would play him this Sunday. He's so good, with so much potential to be helpful right away, that it's no wonder that NFL teams, NFL fanbases, are openly talking about purposely losing to get the rights to draft him. I can't remember any one player warranting/garnering that level of respect in my lifetime.
    What would you do to get this guy on your roster?
    So who's gonna end up with the shot to draft the great Andrew Luck?

    Besides the Fins, there are currently seven teams have one or zero wins headed into week 7. That list includes the Jags, Colts, Broncos, Vikings, Panthers, Cardinals, and Rams. Of those eight teams in the midst of a great surge of suckage, five have QB's already in place who are supposed to be the future of the team (Jags-Gabbert, Vikings-Ponder, Panthers-Newton, Cardinals-Kolb, and Rams-Bradford. The Broncos aren't on that list because I'm not an idiot). That leaves two teams, the Dolphins and the Broncos, as the leaders in the clubhouse for Andrew Luck, while the Colts remain a wild card (Is Peyton Manning ready to train an heir-apparent? I'll assume not).

    Lo and behold, the Fins play the Broncos this weekend.

    We know the Fins are bad and could desperately use a QB; they'll be tough to out-suck. The Broncos QB situation is a mess, and could use the clarity provided by the best QB prospect to come out of college since Peyton Manning. Throw in the fact that Broncos head John Elway is a Stanford alum, and I can't help but think he'd kill to secure the rights to his fellow Cardinal.

    I took it as no small coincidence that the day after watching Luck destroy the Buffs live-and-in-person, John Elway allowed his Broncos to remove Kyle Orton, purportedly Denver's best hope to win this season, from the playing equation. Now, throw in the trade of Brandon Lloyd, and the 'Donkeys' are in full on 'Suck-for-Luck' mode.

    But can they catch the Fins? I doubt it. Not only does Miami have a game advantage, but I have the feeling that they'll do whatever they can, even continue to start Matt Moore at QB, in order to get Luck to South Beach. It wouldn't surprise me if the Fins only play with nine on offense this Sunday. Barring some disastrous turn of events, like the Broncos forfeiting this weekend, Miami will enter week 8 with a two game advantage on the Broncos for the worst record in football. Denver just isn't terrible enough, it seems.

    But, hope is not lost, Broncos fans. This race doesn't exist in a vacuum. Any one of the other six terrible teams around football could stumble into the first pick. If that were the case, with that team's QB situation sowed up, they might be inclined to trade, opening the whole thing up for a Herschel Walker type deal. Wouldn't that be wonderful.[​IMG]


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