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Thoughts from players/coach on Big 12 move

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jun 10, 2010.

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    [​IMG]Colorado's move to the Pac-10 isn't a surprise. During my last visit to Boulder, I had a chance to gauge a few Buffaloes' players thoughts on a move to the Pac-10. Here's what they had to say.

    Note: Play in the new conferences likely won't begin until 2012, but a possible acceleration to 2011 can't be ruled out yet.

    Senior quarterback Cody Hawkins:

    "I think there's so many things that go into it, that a lot of times the players don’t really understand all the schematics, financially and what not for teams.

    It would be cool, but I really really like the tradition of the Big 12. There are a lot of great teams here, but there are a lot of great* teams in the Pac-10, too. So I think that’s up to the administrators."

    Junior quarterback Tyler Hansen:

    "I would love that. I’m from Southern California, so growing up, I was always a big UCLA fan and I always watched. I have buddies who play in the Pac-10. So I would love it, I think I’d have a blast playing in the Pac-10. Even though I love the Big 12, and I love playing against Texas, Missouri and Nebraska and all those teams, I feel like being a SoCal guy, playing in the Pac-10 would be fun, too."

    Junior safety Anthony Perkins:

    "I think its interesting, but I’ll be gone by the time any of that takes place, so I’m not worried about that really.

    It hasn’t really been brought up from the team or from anybody, so right now we’re just sitting back and seeing how it all plays out."

    Senior offensive tackle Nate Solder:

    "I kind of feel like that’s out of my control. If they feel that’s best, I’m sure they have their reasons."

    Earlier this week, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops also briefly relayed his thoughts.

    David Ubben: Having kind of a crazy week?

    Bob Stoops: Why?

    DU: All the expansion talk and possible movement.

    BS: Well, it doesn't make my week any different. (Laughs) Just gives you guys more to talk about.

    DU: What's your take on how you think all this shakes out?

    BS: Truthfully, it's kind of exciting, to be honest. The possibilities.

    DU: Are you somebody who wants things to stay the way they are?

    BS: There's not very much that stays the same in life forever, right? I guess my point is, if people are looking to do something else, and if it's true that the possibility's the Pac-10, I think it's really exciting. So, whatever happens, I'll do whatever they tell me.


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