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11/23 Washington at Colorado, ESPN @ 8PM


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it's so hard as a fan to do an objective prediction. that being said i think we will win, or lose in the last minutes. i really have no clue, but i see this as SM getting it all together and the team giving it all up - for the seniors, themselves and MT. stanford beat them by 10, so it's sure possible we can do it too.

Go Buffs - we need the big win.


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Steven Montez and his last home game! I really hope for his sake that he can lay down a couple of top notch performances. Consecutive wins over Washington and Utah would justify his career. Even sneak us into a bowl.

Easily one of the most interesting QBs in the last decade. Unbelievably frustrating a LOT! But some incredible throws and wins as well. A good game against these two would be good for him and give him a shot at the NFL as a third day pick.