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'17 TX DE K'Lavon Chaisson (Signed to LSU)


****y Mantrum Expert
And we also recruited over him and because of that we have no room for him on the team. He waited too long to commit to us unfortunately
Confusing my threads now. Sorry are you high? Recruited over him? That's like the broncos saying, "sorry von, we just don't have space on our team." There's always space for a kid like this.

Duff Man

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I think we are good here. People are horrible at picking up on obvious sarcasm.

Good luck to Chaisson, dude should be a beast down the road.


Real name isn't Nik
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Never said the odds are good just said you keep in touch and hold the door open.

Trying to remember the kid a number of years ago who took a brand new car from a school and signed with somebody else. When they got made and threatened to go after him he told them go ahead, he would just turn everything over to the NCAA, and he had proof on the recruiting of a bunch of guys.

By the way I did say you stop when the kid tells you to stop. Telling you that talking to him is going to cost you is the same as saying stop.
Yes, Mtn. We all agree.

To summarize: If Chaisson faxes in his signature to CU on Wednesday we all agree that it should be accepted.


[insert punctuation here]
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really disappointing. Sounds more like we were used for a free trip. If he is not going to be a Buff, then I could care less what happens to him now.

Jello Bear

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Has that ever happened, where a kid chose a school not on his announced top 3 and no hat on the table? If someone wanted drama, that would be the way to do it....