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'23 AZ SF Cody Williams (SIGNED to COLORADO)

Doesn't Tad recruit to the same school that football does? WTF. No excuses (next) football coach.
I think Williams is spot-on here and it shows a lot of maturity:

“For me the only thing I was looking at was the best fit for me and what was going to help me reach my goals," said Williams. "The name, the NIL, all of that stuff is cool but at the end of the day if I pick the right school and do what I’m supposed to do then God willing I will be making 10x more than I would from NIL at any school. So it was about putting all the fancy stuff, the glitz and glamour aside and getting into the nitty gritty about what was the best for me.”

Football is a different beast. NIL is much more at play - you have more uncertainty about a professional future with football recruits. And it's also a longer wait than one-and-done.
It sounds like character was very important to Williams and his family. Tad has developed a reputation for honesty, hard-work, not cutting corners. (And preparing players, particularly on D). With 2 former players as NBA head coaches, Tad is in a pretty good position. A quote from Williams:

“I will be heading to the University of Colorado in Boulder to play for head coach Tad Boyle," said Williams. "It was just how honest he is, how genuine he is, he really believes in me and has all of his faith in me."
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Was traveling, stopped to eat and read about the signing. Quite amazing news, really.

During my travels today I did notice that the 'zona "A" looks a lot like the sign for a KOA campground.
That is one well-spoken stud of a young man!
Welcome to the Buffs Cody, you could be the cherry on top for a Final Four run
Go Buffs Basketball, Tad Rules
Just came to post that and oh man….

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This is amazing, however, it could also mean that we know he is likely a 1 and done guy, or can a guy get out of his commitment and go to the G-League Ignite? If he is a 1 and done, then next season is everything to the Buffs, and Tad needs to go all in on winning lineups
More seriously, not only is Williams CLEARLY the best prospect Tad has ever brought in, he is a great fit for Tad Boyle's fit and system. I think he will appreciate the freedom and versatility that Boyle affords his lead guard.

Our lead guard happens to be 6'8 and freaky athletic
How talented would a starting 5 be next year like:

C- Lovering
F - DaSilva
F - Allen
W - Williams
G - KJ
I would still go all in on another Center and have Lovering be the backup. That is a Final Four Lineup with a very athletic Big. There could be lots of dunks and lobs available and that is not Lovering's game.
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