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'23 AZ SF Cody Williams (SIGNED to COLORADO)

The way KJ is playing, the way Williams is being hyped, we will be lucky if they are on that 24-25 team.
LL is a great kid and good player, but with the wing play of KJ, Williams, TDS, and Allen, you must have a monster in the middle rebounding and dunking and following up Offensive Rebounds. You need a Deandre Jordan kind of guy under there. LL is not strong enough or tough enough for that job. He could do great on the second line to keep things rolling though.
If you haven't noticed the change in LL from last year to this, both in game awareness / understanding, AND physicality, you really aren't paying attention. To assume he isn't going to continue getting bigger / stronger with another year, this time without the knee rehab, is at best lazy.

He's never going to be Ayton, nor Kareem, nor Shaq. But he is the starting center for the next 2 years, regardless. Enjoy it, he is a defensive leader, and will continue to grow.
I am expecting Cody to start next year with around 20 minutes a game, but I do think that increases as the season goes on. Every scouting report on him says he is a long-term prospect, so I am keeping him at arms length at first
I hope he gets more. Chauncey came in and put up 32mpg I think freshman year. Williams is looking like another McDonald's game attendee. I'd rather he's up past 25 at least. We can't get a top 10-20 kid, who plays point, and get him only 20.
I hope he gets more. Chauncey came in and put up 32mpg I think freshman year. Williams is looking like another McDonald's game attendee. I'd rather he's up past 25 at least. We can't get a top 10-20 kid, who plays point, and get him only 20.
Chauncey was also on a team that wasn’t as talented as next years.
I don’t know why I’m going to put this much effort into this response when you haven’t listened to anyone else for the past few weeks about how wrong you are. But here goes. Yes, he’s just about the best we are capable of getting.

According to 247, Lovering was the 10th best center in his recruiting class and 64th overall prospect. The 9 centers ahead of him were:

1. Chet Holmgren - best recruit overall, 1 and done at Gonzaga, #2 draft pick, unattainable for CU. Also skinny and weak, something you can’t comprehend as being a starter at Center.

2. Jalen Duren - 1 and done at Memphis, #12 draft pick, unattainable for CU

3. Efton Reid - LSU then transfer to Gonzaga, likely would never consider CU, but also playing less than 5 min/game this season.

4. Nathan Bittle - Oregon. Averages 6ppg in under 20 minutes. Not really an upgrade.

5. Enoch Boakye - ASU. Barely plays, not really an upgrade.

6. Charles Bediako - Bama. 5ppg in 21 min. Not really an upgrade.

7. Jonas Aidoo - Tennessee. 4ppg in 17 min. Not really an upgrade.

8. Kaden Perry - Gonzaga. Hasn’t played this season. Not really an upgrade.

9. Samson Johnson - UCONN. Only played 1 game so far this year. Not really an upgrade.

Your idea of a better center is basically a myth. There aren’t many really good ones out there to begin with. The ones that are, go to proven programs for one/done years. The others, including Lovering, usually need at least a couple years to develop. So no, we can’t just go recruit a center who will immediately be better. Can you shut the **** up about it now?
This is good analysis, but i disagree on the "unobtainable" comment. I believe Sanders has shown that, at least in football, no recruit is unobtainable. <rhetorical>Why should we lower our standards for hoops?</r>
I think he's onto something. DeAndre Jordan isn't getting a lot of burn with the Nuggets. Perhaps he has some eligibility left and can pull double duty next year. Problem solved
I hope he gets more. Chauncey came in and put up 32mpg I think freshman year. Williams is looking like another McDonald's game attendee. I'd rather he's up past 25 at least. We can't get a top 10-20 kid, who plays point, and get him only 20.
Cody will come in and will immediately be THE most talented person on the team. He will start and his minutes will probably fluctuate until he's settled in. Can't wait to see him on the floor.
It's a shame that Lovering's impact isn't more obvious statistically or on the offensive end. We are WAY off topic for this thread, but w/e.

However, his impact is obviously there. He is a +++ defensive player ALREADY. Josh Scott was never this good defensively, imo, and Lovering is often the only big guy battling for boards because Da Silva is allergic to the glass. He is a guy that every coach wishes they had, I'll tell you that.

Cody Williams' biggest deficiency as a prospect appears to be the defensive side of the ball, which means that he joins KJ and Da Silva with that distinction. The only two guys I trust completely on defense right now are Lovering and Clifford, with Hadley playing a solid third option. Williams' arrival will likely mean less minutes for all of Clifford/Da Silva/Hadley, which means that he will have to pick up some slack defensively
Should give some credit to @Ruckus and @torero here as well but this is the big point with Lovering.

Much of his contribution will never show up on a score sheet.

He is a good enough low post defender that opponents don't try to force the ball inside, he is a good enough help defender/rim protector that our wings can afford to play more aggressively forcing more turnovers and/or bad shots knowing that if their man gets past them there is a second line back there to pick them up.

His scoring is obviously a work in progress and he can also get better rebounding but he is a smart, hard working kid and those things will come. He does contribute though more on offense than he is credited with. He sets screens, he moves enough to create spaces, and unlike many big men he is not a ball stopper. He doesn't get a lot of assist but he moves the ball well enough that the offense can maintain and take advantage of spacing.

This team has scorers. LL is a player who is able to contribute significantly without having to get touches, without have to put up a stat line.
No. He's been impressing and many scouts think he's got the most long term potential of anyone in the class.
He has definitely been impressing, and I think the rookie season his brother is having in the NBA is also raising Cody's rankings.
Watched some of his recent highlights. I can't think of a time that CU has had a player like this under Tad, at least as a freshman. His finishing package is ELITE, and that's just the start of his offensive game. He has length, a quick first step and easy handles. Willing passer who creates weird angles with his height. Defense will be a work in progress, but hard to think of a better teacher for that
In my head we have him for two. But I think everyone needs to plan on one and consider it a bonus if we get a Chauncey/Alec two and done from him.
Yep. The plan from both his camp and CU is that he'll develop as a 2-3 year guy. The reality might be that the NBA drafts on potential, not polish, so they could throw lottery money at him after a year and he'd almost have to go.