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CU officially hires Mel Tucker as new Head Football Coach


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This is a really, really excellent hire.

Review his coaching bio HERE

A man whose been living in the Power 5 and NFL coaching circles and is known as a ferocious recruiter just took the reigns here.

What type of staff might he assemble?

What is his recruiting footprint going to be?

Will any recruits follow him?


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I'm pumped. I hope it's true even if not my personal first choice. Great job RG! He has an impressive coaching tree...or the trees he's been a part of. Solid! Leggo BUFFS!


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Not a bad PR move to leak this tonight, now the story becomes a narrative thread in the nationally broadcast SEC championship game tomorrow. Should be good pub for us as long as they aren’t destroyed by like 70 points.

It’s all about the spin, my friend. If they get clobbered tomorrow, it’s obviously because they were so broken up about losing their emotional engine and the real force behind their success. If they pull the upset, also because of his inspiration and influence.


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I'm not old enough to remember Bill McCartney when he first came to Boulder so I cant make the comparison of McCartney's hire to Tucker's hire.

McCartney was obviously a good recruiter too and Tucker is as good of a hire we could have hoped for and that goes for some P5 HCs that were mentioned for this job on this board.

Bo Schembler was one of the best coaches at the time so I can imagine CU fans were giddy back in 1982 and people still want to run through a wall after McCartney speaks and Tucker could be the same way coming from the Saban tree.
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If you look at his historic Recruiting Record, he recruited TEXAS well, as well as of course the Southeast!!! That is huge for this hire, because if he can lock in a West Coast guy, then we are in la la land.


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This is big time. We over use some phrases, but sometimes they apply and mean what they're supposed to mean. So "big time"... and "big boy" and "big tent". Rick George is true to his word that his vision is to win championships. This is the type of move you make when you won't accept mediocrity. Mel Tucker is the candidate I was afraid to let myself get excited about. You guys know I wanted offense. You guys know how much I care about recruiting footprint. What you don't know is that I've been watching interviews & mic'd up stuff and reading everything I could find on Tucker the past couple days... and I am convinced he's got that gravitational personalty like McCartney had. This is the kind of man who pulls people into his vision and makes them true believers. We got a great one. I sincerely believe that.