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CU officially hires Mel Tucker as new Head Football Coach

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Weird. Because most of what we heard from Boise fans was that they hoped Petersen wasn't coming with Hawkins and that if he doesn't then they aren't worried at all about losing DH. We gave them a lot of crap and didn't want to believe it. I mean, how could you not be freaking out about losing the HC with the highest winning percentage in football? Had to be sour grapes and rationalizing things, right?
No reason to go back and relive a crappy time in Buff football history but I also had Boise fans in Oregon tell me they thought we go a heck of a coach.

Darth Snow

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Howell, just now:
My guess is that Tucker will be the guy and we'll hear an announcement in the next 48 hours.
Definitely looking like an announcement by Wed and a press conference either Wed or thursday if Tucker is our guy.


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Howell guesses it's tucker? RG said not to listen to outside rumors Hope CU doesn't get egg all over their face on this.


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maybe if we fans are notified?? we could show up and make him welcome? what a thought. Maybe if there was some fanfare generated around a BIG hire - we as fans could help the program, especially nowadays with social media.

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You haven't lived until you've had a Boise girl hit on you by asking, "Is that a potato in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
Who da ho?

This wait feels like an eternity, but will be forgotten by even semi-sane people in a couple of weeks.

I hope.