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Official Buffs vs. Air Force Game Thread


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A self-proclaimed expert like you in all matters does not know what exactly needs to be fixed? Hard to believe.
Yes. DT and DE need to get off blocks. NT needs to stiffen back. This is easy. Others are talking about it too.


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Gonna have to out score them...

Man I wish we still ran this style of offense. We could do it better with the best talent for that offense in the country.


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Starting to get irritated with Landman constantly wildly diving at the ball carrier in 1v1 and completely missing them. I feel like he's had more missed tackles in the first 3 games than he did all of last season


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TS. I’m not getting what you mean. SS OLB is on LOS. Star is tight. They don’t have a true 4 man front do they?
Of course they do. Every team has a true 4 man front and if they don’t, it’s a massive gaffe in coaching. A SS/OLB/Star isn’t good enough to help set the edge against a triple option team.