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'16 FL WR Johnny Huntley (Signed to COLORADO)


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Sweet... Welcome to Boulder Colorado where great things are happening



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The best part of this class is that it's seemingly filled with guys that truly WANT to be Buffs, and it starts with this kid right here. So pumped to watch him for the next 4 years!


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This dude already one of my fav CU players lol.
Same, and he hasn't even set foot on campus. Will be in town for the spring game if I remember correctly. Need more players that bleed Colorado Football on the roster. Johnny is a good step in that direction.


Dirty haole
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I always find it odd how people will write notices, take screen shots and post them as big announcements or personal statements. At least do a quick crop job!!


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Definitely not the news I was hoping to hear this Monday morning, but best of luck to young Mr. Huntley.


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Tough to see a good Broward County kid leave CU, but all the best to him. Maybe he finds his way back down to Florida (lord knows we need the sane ones to come back). I’ll be watching where he lands.