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2025 Recruit Profile Index & Recruiting News

2025 Quarterbacks

QBAntwann HillGA4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9687Y
QBMadden IamaleavaCA4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9233Yucla
QB-DDeuce KnightMS4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9674Y
QBJackson KollockCA3*NR4*3*3* - 0.8857Yminnesota
QBBrekkem KritzaCA4*NR4*4*4* - 0.9795Ypenn st
QB-PTJ LateefCA4*4*4*3*4* - 0.9065Ynebraska
QBJulian LewisGA5*5*5*4*5* - 0.9959Yusc
QBGeorge MacIntyreTN4*NRNR4*unratedYtennessee
QBKelden RyanTX3*NR3*NR3* - 0.8689Yvirginia tech
QB-PJaron Keawe SagapoluteleHI3*NR3*3*3* - 0.8726Y
QBBryce UnderwoodMI5*5*5*5*5* - 0.9995Ylsu
QB-PMalik WashingtonMD4*4*4*3*4* - 0.9223Y
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2025 Wide Receivers

WRPhillip Bell IIICA4*NR4*4*4* - 0.9827Y
WRJayvon BoggsFL3*4*4*4*4* - 0.9305Y
WRCaden ButlerCA3*NR3*NR3* - 0.8567Y
WRQuannell X Farrakhan Jr.TX4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9019Y
WRMarcus HarrisCANRNR4*NRunratedY
WREvan HaynesGANRNRNRNRunratedY
WRKoby HowardFL3*NR4*4*4* - 0.9153Y
WRJames JohnsonGANR4*NR3*unratedY
WRMyles KendrickFLNRNR3*NRunratedY
WRAndrew MarshTX4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9678Y
WRTravis Smith Jr.GA4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9285Y
WRAdrian Walker Jr.MI3*NRNRNRunratedY
WRLamason WallerCA4*3*4*4*4* - 0.9132Ybyu
WRWinston Watkins Jr.FL4*4*4*4*5* - 0.9926Y
WRJacorey WatsonTX4*4*4*4*4* - 0.9508Y
WRCJ WileyGA3*3*4*4*4* - 0.9171Y
WRTaz Williams Jr.TX3*4*4*3*4* - 0.9188Y
WRDallas WilsonFL4*4*4*4*5* - 0.9845Yoregon
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2025 Specialists

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Note to mods - if this offer is legit, and given that Rivals does list him with 2 other offers already/ so early I'd say it's reasonable, looks like we need a 2026 recruiting thread. (Per his twitter acct., looks like he also has, at minimum, received offers from Fresno State, San Jose State; Nevada (Reno) and Kansas over the last few days. A Mountain West-centric website did note his SJSU offer (https://www.mwcconnection.com/2021/...4-21-june-is-for-recruiting-camps-and-commits).)

As I mentioned back in post #15, looks like it may be getting to be time for a 2026 thread?

(Unlike the young man in post #15, no CU offer showing for this student-athlete, but with him already showing 6 offers (including both Pac AZ schools and FSU), makes sense the Buffs could be interested.)