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'23 AZ SF Cody Williams (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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Yep. The plan from both his camp and CU is that he'll develop as a 2-3 year guy. The reality might be that the NBA drafts on potential, not polish, so they could throw lottery money at him after a year and he'd almost have to go.
Based upon mocks it’s seeming more likely, but it’s going to depend on how well he does obviously.


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Not sure how relevant this is, but his brother is exceeding expectations as a rookie with OKC. I was just listening to the Lowe Post and Bill Simmons said that if they were to do a re-draft Jalen Williams would be a top 4 pick.


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With where Tad's head is at lately, he'll probably sit behind Clifford until "he's truly ready."

Sorry, this season is wearing on me.
I think the hard thing with Tad and Nique was he was expecting such a breakout for him. Had him and Tristan represent us at PAC 12 media days. He's usually right on about breakouts too. Tristan's obviously having a great year.